Mental Performance Coaching

Mental Performance Coaches

Achieve peak performance

Working with athletes to achieve peak performance can be a challenge, but it's something that Mental Performance Coaches specialize in. Through assessments and careful guidance, these coaches help athletes understand themselves better, identify areas that need improvement and determine how they respond to pressure, adversity and concentration. Then, tailored goals are set along with a plan of action designed to increase confidence and build a winning attitude. Relaxation techniques may also be modified if needed.
To ensure success during practice and competitions, the coach creates a toolkit for the athlete to use as a quick reference guide. A proactive plan is then developed to tackle any potential obstacles that arise during the competition. Additionally, the athlete is encouraged to create a personal pre-competition routine to become more prepared and intentional in all aspects of life. After competitions have finished, a reflective post-competition routine allows for changes in accordance with their experience.

Ignacio Segovia

Your Mental Performance Coach

This season
Hi coach. I would love to work with your team this season and help athletes increase their current level of mental toughness by adding mental imagery, simple, portable techniques, and self-hypnosis to their toolbox. These tools will help them enjoy new experiences and be better equipped to focus and handle the pressures of upcoming competitions. I'm excited to tell you even more about my successful program - simply request a free strategy session with me and we can set up a time to talk and work together. I'm also available if you have individual athletes who may benefit from these services - just have them contact me directly for further details!

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