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My curiosity in psychology began during my second year at the System Engineering career, when I took an elective course on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. By engaging in this course, I was able to open my eyes to the potential of reprogramming habits and the wonders of psychology.

Years later, while working on my thesis centered around competences, I developed a strong enthusiasm for human potential. It is my belief that by unlocking our individual talents we can have a major positive influence on our own life and well-being.

In every project I embark upon, I place emphasis on fostering self-reliance and encouraging self-discovery. In turn, this drives me to take on more of a mentor or facilitator role rather than one that dictates the answers. My techniques draw from up-to-date research within the domains of sport psychology, coaching and hypnosis; as such, I work hard to stay updated with any advancements in these fields.


My methods

Behavioral Sciences

In Behavioral Science, we examine people's thoughts, motivations, context, and habits.

Sport Psychology

Sports psychology is the study of how psychological factors impact athletes' performance, behavior, and well-being.


Applying science to social & psychological aspects of athletic performance.


Sports hypnosis is the application of hypnosis to enhance sports performance and help athletes reach peak performance.


Learning is my path


Central University of Venezuela

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

Nanterre Universite, Paris

Master's degree in Psychology & Ergonomics


Certified Professional Hypnotist, 2018, ICBCH

Certified Hypnosis Trainer, 2019, ICBCH

Life Coach, 2021, ICBCH

NLP Practitioner, 2021, ICBCH

Certified Hypnotherapist, 2023, Mindvalley

Coach, 2023, ICF



More than 4000hrs


More than 6000hrs


More than 10000hrs


More than 3000hrs

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Alejandro D.

I used to be a smoker, but after I tried hypnosis to quit, my life changed for the better. After just one session, I felt more motivated and energized to break the habit of smoking. I had more clarity and focus, which gave me the confidence to keep going.

Catalina G.

After 6 hypnotherapy sessions, I'm free from panic attacks. It was gentle and effective, and I'm so grateful for the transformation I've experienced.

Happy clients