On-Site Counselling

On-Site Counselling

A plethora of workplace experiences can lead to certain types of trauma for an employee:

  • Accident or injury to a fellow employee
  • A near miss
  • Problems with a supervisor or superior
  • Problems with a fellow employee
  • Sexual harassment
  • Problems at home
  • There are, of course, many examples of issues that ultimately affect the performance and productivity or your employees. They do not even have to be issues in the workplace; even personal issues outside of the workplace can affect how people perform their job tasks. These require workplace counselling.

    Offering on-site counselling through your medical plan can eliminate many of these problems in the early stages and therefore increase employee satisfaction and overall happiness within their jobs.

    Many companies today are starting to recognize the need for workplace on-site counselling within their corporate wellness programs.

    As an employer who may be seeking corporate wellness options, you must recognize the necessity to pay attention to the moods, energy levels, and performance consistencies of your employees. Sudden variations in productivity may be due to the need for one-on-one on-site counselling.

    A workplace counselling specialist not only has the individual’s best interests at heart, but also recognizes the need for a proper outlet in order to return to work at the highest level of efficiency.

    A sort of “cognitive analytical therapy” within the workplace can not only address specific issues your employee may have, but also encourage the development of coping skills in order to change any destructive patterns of behaviour or negative ways of thinking and acting, which could not only negatively affect the employee in question but also the employees who work in direct contact with the individual in question.

    Bringing in the option of seeking workplace counselling stimulates a mutual respect within the workplace and allows employees to believe that they have an outlet where they can be heard and prompted to act without judgement or bias.

    Ignacio Segovia is a trained psychotherapist in Weston who knows the importance of organizational wellness. If you are not already pursuing these types of wellness programs, give great thought to the benefits that both your employees and your company can enjoy by implementing these strategies. Ignacio Segovia is a psychotherapist in Weston, FL.

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