“Imagine an organization in which people are motivated, energized, and committed to being the best. Imagine the possibilities for innovation and excellence. Imagine the impact that such an organization might have on its industry . . . on the world.”

~ Whitney & Trosten-Bloom, “The Liberation of Power”

All companies know they need to do regular maintenance on the equipment, if you do not perform preventive maintenance on your machines sooner or later they will stop working. What about your Human Capital? What about your organizational wellness?
If you do not perform a preventive maintenance in your Human Capital, they will not maintain the proper levels of quality and productivity; and therefore will not be efficient and effective human beings.The Human Capital is more difficult to replace than any other part of your company, so be careful how you treat and nurture it.

Ignacio Segovia has a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology and Ergonomics, with thousands of hours of experience in organizational wellness development and workplace issues solutions. He specializes in the following services:


Organizational Leadership

You can find several definitions of organizational leadership, or types of team leadership. Those that are created by situation-specific interaction, function, behaviour, power, vision and values, charisma, and intelligence; among others. In my case, I believe and work in four pillars to form and cultivate true leadership development. Read more...


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

A critical incident can consist of any workplace accident or event in which has extraordinary characteristics, and which sparks significant reactions to the victim, fellow employees, employers, clients, and ultimately, profits. Read more...


On-Site Counselling

There are, of course, many examples of issues that ultimately affect the performance and productivity or your employees. They do not even have to be issues in the workplace; even personal issues outside of the workplace can affect how people perform their job tasks. Read more...


Team Building

Team building exercises are critical to the maximum success of your company. This requires asking for a level of maturity from your employees and the understanding that not everyone needs to get along, but they do need to work together to achieve the same goals. Read more...


Conflict Resolution

In order for a workplace to thrive, the responsibility falls on the leaders of an organization to create a harmonious workplace environment. There are many issues that can escalate a workplace conflict between employees. Read more...


Job Task Analysis and Job Safety Procedures

Injuries occur in the workplace every day, in both industrialized and non-industrialized settings work settings. Proper health and safety procedures are crucial not only to employee’s lives, but also to ensure that your business remains up to code in standard operations. Read more...

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